Hey all,

So I have a couple of storage boxes (NexentaCore & Illumian) and have been playing with some DTrace scripts to monitor NFS usage. Initially I ran into the (seemingly common) problem of basically everything showing up as '<Unknown>', and then after some searching online I found a workaround was to do a 'find' on the file system from the remote end and it would refresh the kernels knowledge of the files. This works.. however it doesn't stay for good. It seems to sometimes last a couple of hours (and sometimes much less) and then we are back to receiving <Unknown>'s.

Has anyone else come across something similar? Does anyone know what may be causing the kernel to lose the references? There is plenty of memory in the main system (72gb with ARC sitting ~53gb and 11gb 'free'), so I don't think a OOM situation is causing it.

Otherwise does anyone have any other tips for monitoring usage? I wonder how they have it all working in Fishworks gear as some of the analytics demos show you being able to drill down on through file activity in real time.

Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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