Hey guys,

I've run into another ZFS performance disaster that I was hoping someone might 
be able to give me some pointers on resolving.  Without any significant change 
in workload write performance has dropped off dramatically.  Based on previous 
experience we tried deleting some files to free space, even though we're not 
near 60% full yet.  Deleting files seemed to help for a little while, but now 
we're back in the weeds.

We already have our metaslab_min_alloc_size set to 0x500, so I'm reluctant to 
go lower than that.  One thing we noticed, which is new to us, is that 
zio_state shows a large number of threads in CHECKSUM_VERIFY.  I'm wondering if 
that's generally indicative of anything in particular.  I've got no errors on 
any disks, either in zpool status or iostat -e.  Any ideas as to where else I 
might want to dig in to figure out where my performance has gone?



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