> From: Neil Perrin [mailto:neil.per...@oracle.com]
> In general - yes, but it really depends. Multiple synchronous writes of any
> size
> across multiple file systems will fan out across the log devices. That is
> because there is a separate independent log chain for each file system.
> Also large synchronous writes (eg 1MB) within a specific file system will be
> spread out.
> The ZIL code will try to allocate a block to hold all the records it needs to
> commit up to the largest block size - which currently for you should be 128KB.
> Anything larger will allocate a new block - on a different device if there are
> multiple devices.
> However, lots of small synchronous writes to the same file system might not
> use more than one 128K block and benefit from multiple slog devices.

That is an awesome explanation.  Thank you.

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