On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 3:28 AM, Jim Klimov <jimkli...@cos.ru> wrote:
> In fact, you can (although not recommended due to balancing reasons)
> have tlvdevs of mixed size (like in Freddie's example) and even of
> different structure (i.e. mixing raidz and mirrors or even single
> LUNs) by forcing the disk attachment.

My example shows 4 raidz2 vdevs, with each vdev having 6 disks, along
with a log vdev, and a cache vdev.  Not sure where you're seeing an
imbalance.  Maybe it's because the pool is currently resilvering a
drive, thus making it look like one of the vdevs has 7 drives?

My home file server ran with mixed vdevs for awhile (a 2 IDE-disk
mirror vdev with a 3 SATA-disk raidz1 vdev) as it was built using
scrounged parts.

But all my work file servers have matched vdevs.

Freddie Cash
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