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> A solid point.  I don't.
> This doesn't mean you can't - it just means I don't.

This response was kind of long-winded.  So here's a simpler version:

Suppose 6 disks in a system, each 2T.  c0t0d0 through c0t5d0

rpool is a mirror:
mirror c0t0d0p1 c0t1d0p1

c0t0d0p2 = 1.9T, unused (Extended, unused)
c0t1d0p2 = 1.9T, unused (Extended, unused)

Now partition all the other disks the same.  Create datapool:

zpool create datapool \
mirror c0t0d0p2 c0t1d0p2 \
mirror c0t2d0p1 c0t3d0p1 \
mirror c0t2d0p2 c0t3d0p2 \
mirror c0t4d0p1 c0t5d0p1 \
mirror c0t4d0p2 c0t4d0p2

Add a spare?  A seventh disk, c0t6d0
Partition it.
add spare c0t6d0p1 spare c0t6d0p2

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