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>> What was c5t2 is now c7t1 and what was c4t1 is now c5t2.
>> Everything seems to be working fine, it's just a bit confusing.
> That ... Doesn't make any sense.  Did you reshuffle these while the system 
> was powered on or something?
No hot-swappable devices so it was just a SATA cable swap while the system was 

> sudo devfsadm -Cv
> sudo zpool export datapool
> sudo zpool export homepool
> sudo zpool import -a
> sudo reboot -p
Hmm would have to try that in single user mode as those pools contain my 
homedirs and some shared FS's.

> The normal behavior is:  During the import, or during the reboot when the 
> filesystem gets mounted, zfs searches the available devices in the system for 
> components of a pool.  I don't see any way the devices reported by "zpool 
> status" wouldn't match the devices reported by "format."  Unless, as you say, 
> it's somehow overridden by the cache file.
It surprised me as well as it seems to be working fine. Tried a scrub of rpool 
and that went without a problem.


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