Ahh.. the illumos lists change the from address (or set reply-to), so that
a plain reply simply works.  Sorry about that :)

But yeah, when you update you probably want to snap/backup your current
BE.  It won't hurt anything to snap/backup the old ones, just that they'll
contain the non-updated versions of everything.

On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 2:48 PM, Edward Ned Harvey
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> >
> > When you update our install (i.e. pkg image-update) unless you explicitly
> > specify a BE name, it names the BEs as 'openindiana-NN'.  The way that
> > pkg(5) works is that it snapshot+clones your current BE (i.e.
> > rpool/ROOT/openindiana if that is your current BE), then applies the
> updates
> > to the clone.  You can then use beadm to active the new one, or switch
> back,
> > etc.  It is unrelated to time slider (other than both will create zfs
> snapshots).
> >
> > That you have openindiana-1 suggests you've run pkg image-update at least
> > once (either via cmdline or GUI).  beadm should tell you which one is
> active
> > (i.e. you're running on), also you can also do df -h / or mount and see
> which
> > fs is actually mounted as /
> (I just noticed this reply was sent to me off-list.  Do you mind resending
> it on-list, and I'll send this reply again on-list?)
> That agrees with what I originally thought.  So here is the confusion:
> zfs list -t snapshot | grep '^rpool/ROOT/openindiana@' | grep daily
> rpool/ROOT/openindiana@zfs-auto-snap_daily-2012-10-16-12h04
>                   0      -  3.25G  -
> Every day, the above changes.  And every day, a new entry appears below:
> zfs list -t snapshot | grep '^rpool/ROOT/openindiana-1@' | grep daily
> rpool/ROOT/openindiana-1@zfs-auto-snap_daily-2012-10-12-12h04
>                307K      -  3.36G  -
> rpool/ROOT/openindiana-1@zfs-auto-snap_daily-2012-10-13-12h04
>                563K      -  3.36G  -
> rpool/ROOT/openindiana-1@zfs-auto-snap_daily-2012-10-14-12h04
>                443K      -  3.37G  -
> rpool/ROOT/openindiana-1@zfs-auto-snap_daily-2012-10-15-12h04
>               1.59M      -  3.37G  -
> rpool/ROOT/openindiana-1@zfs-auto-snap_daily-2012-10-16-12h04
>                324K      -  3.38G  -
> I ran "beadm list" as suggested, and it confirmed what I've been
> suspecting since starting this thread - The current BE is openindiana-1
> It would seem, I simply need to be aware, I should backup whatever is
> specified as "NR" by beadm.  Because a new filesystem was created and
> became the place where files actually are being updated...  It is not safe
> for me to simply backup "openindiana" and keep it that way moving forward.
>  Every time I "pkg update" I need to be aware, to update my backup scripts
> accordingly, to backup the new BE instead of the old one.
> Sound about right?
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