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> If you rm /etc/zfs/zpool.cache and reboot...  The system is smart enough (at
> least in my case) to re-import rpool, and another pool, but it didn't figure 
> out
> to re-import some other pool.
> How does the system decide, in the absence of rpool.cache, which pools it's
> going to import at boot?

So, in this thread, I haven't yet got the answer that I expect or believe.  
Because, the behavior I observed was:

I did a "zfs send" from one system to another, received onto 
/localpool/backups.  Side note, the receiving system has three pools: rpool, 
localpool, and iscsipool.  Unfortunately, I sent the zfs properties with it, 
including the mountpoint.  Naturally, there was already something mounted on / 
and /exports and /exports/home, so the zfs receive failed to mount on the 
receiving system, but I didn't notice that.  Later, I rebooted.

During reboot, of course, rpool mounted correctly on /, but then the system 
found the localpool/backups filesystems, and mounted /exports, /exports/home 
and so forth.  So when it tried to mount rpool/exports, it failed.  Then, 
iscsipool was unavailable, so the system failed to bootup completely.  I was 
able to login to console as myself, but I had no home directory, so I su'd to 

I tried to change the mountpoints of localpool/backups/exports and so forth - 
but it failed.  Filesystem is in use, or filesystem busy or something like 
that.  (Because I logged in, obviously.)  I tried to export localpool, and 
again failed.  So I wanted some way to prevent localpool from importing or 
mounting next time, although I can't make it unmount or change mountpoints this 

rm /etc/zfs/zpool.cache ; init 6

This time, the system came up, and iscsipool was not imported (as expected.)  
But I was surprised - localpool was imported.

Fortunately, this time the system mounted filesystems in the right order - 
rpool/exports was mounted under /exports, and I was able to login as myself, 
and export/import / change mountpoints of the localpool filesystems.  One more 
reboot just to be sure, and voila, no problem.

Point in question is - After I removed the zpool.cache file, I expected rpool 
to be the only pool imported upon reboot.  That's not what I observed, and I 
was wondering how the system knew to import localpool?

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