I have just acquired a new JBOD box that will be used as a media
center/storage for home use only on my x86/x64 box running OpenIndiana
b151a7 currently.

Its strictly a JBOD, no hw raid options, with an eSATA port to each drive.

I am looking for suggestions for an HBA card with at least (2), but (4)
external eSATA ports would be nice.  I know enough to stay away from the
port expander things.

I do not need the HBA to support any internal drives.

In reviewing the archives/past post, it seems that LSI is the way to go.
 I would like to spend USD $200 - $300, but would spend more if
necessary for a good, trouble free HBA.  I made this comment as I went
to look at some of the LSI cards previously mentioned, and found they
were priced $500 - $600 and up.

TIA for any pointers,

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