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I formerly did exactly the same thing.  Of course performance is abysmal 
because you're booting a guest VM to share storage back to the host where the 
actual VM's run.  Not to mention, there's the startup dependency, which is 
annoying to work around.  But yes it works.
I'm curious here. Your experience is 180 degrees opposite from mine. I run an all in one in production and I get native disk performance, and ESXi virtual disk I/O is faster than with a physical SAN/NAS for the NFS datastore, since the traffic never leaves the host (I get 3gb/sec or so usable thruput.) One essential (IMO) for this is passing an HBA into the SAN/NAS VM using vt-d technology. If you weren't doing this, I'm not surprised the performance sucked. If you were doing this, you were obviously doing something wrong. No offense, but quite a few people are doing exactly what I describe and it works just fine - there IS the startup dependency. but can live with that...
1: If you where given the same hardware, what would you do? (RAID card is
an extra EUR30 or so a month, which i don't really want to spend, but could, if
needs be...)
I have abandoned ESXi in favor of openindiana or solaris running as the host, 
with virtualbox running the guests.  I am SOOOO much happier now.  But it takes 
a higher level of expertise than running ESXi, but the results are much better.
in what respect?  due to the 'abysmal performance'?
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