On 2012-11-16 12:43, Robert Milkowski wrote:
No, there isn’t other way to do it currently. SMF approach is probably
the best option for the time being.

I think that there should be couple of other properties for zvol where
permissions could be stated.

+1 :)
Well, when the subject was discussed a month ago, I posted a couple
of RFEs, lest the problem be quietly forgotten:

ZFS: correctly remember device node ownership and ACLs for ZVOLs

ACLs on device node can become applied to wrong devices; UID/GID not retained

While trying to find workarounds for Edward's problem, I discovered
that NFSv4/ZFS-style ACLs can be applied to /devices/* and are even
remembered across reboots, but in fact this causes more problems
than solutions.

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