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> Well, as a simple stone-age solution (to simplify your SMF approach),
> you can define custom attributes on dataset, zvols included. I think
> a custom attr must include a colon ":" in the name, and values can be
> multiline if needed. Simple example follows:
> # zfs set owner:user=jim pool/rsvd
> Then you can query the zvols for such attribute values and use them
> in chmod, chown, ACL settings, etc. from your script. This way the
> main goal is reached: the ownership config data stays within the pool.

Given that zfs doesn't already have built-in support for these properties at 
mount time, given the necessity to poll for these values using an 
as-yet-unwritten SMF service, I'm not necessarily in agreement that zfs 
properties is a better solution than using a conf file to list these properties 
on a per-vdev basis.  Either way, a SMF service manages it, and it's difficult 
or impossible to trigger an SMF to occur on every mount, and only on every 
mount.  So the SMF would have to be either a one-time shot at bootup or manual 
refresh (and consequently miss anything mounted later) or it will have to 
continuously poll all the filesystems and volumes in the system.

An easier event to trigger is the starting of the virtualbox guest.  Upon vbox 
guest starting, check the service properties for that instance of vboxsvc, and 
chmod if necessary.  But vboxsvc runs as non-root user...

I like the idea of using zfs properties, if someday the functionality is going 
to be built into ZFS, and we can simply scrap the SMF chown service.  But these 
days, ZFS isn't seeing a lot of public development.

If we assume the SMF service is the thing that will actually be used, from now 
until someday when BTRFS eventually eclipses ZFS, then I would rather see a 
conf file or SMF service property, so the SMF service doesn't constantly scan 
all the filesystems and volumes for their zfs properties.  It just checks the 
conf file and knows instantly which ones need to be chown'd.

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