Oh, and one more thing: rsync is only good if your filesystems don't
really rely on ZFS/NFSv4-style ACLs. If you need those, you are stuck
with Solaris tar or Solaris cpio to carry the files over, or you have
to script up replication of ACLs after rsync somehow.

You should also replicate the "local" zfs attributes of your datasets,
"zfs allow" permissions, ACLs on ".zfs/shares/*" (if any, for CIFS) -
at least of their currently relevant live copies, which is also not a
fatally difficult scripting (I don't know if it is possible to fetch
the older attribute values from snapshots - which were in force at
that past moment of time; if somebody knows anything on this - plz

On another note, to speed up the rsyncs, you can try to save on the
encryption (if you do this within a trusted LAN) - use rsh, or ssh
with "arcfour" or "none" enc. algos, or perhaps rsync over NFS as
if you are in the local filesystem.

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