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> Why are you parititoning, then creating zpool,

The common case it's often because they use the disk for something
else as well (e.g. OS), not only for zfs

> and then creating zvol?

Because it enables you to do other stuff easier and faster (e.g.
copying files from the host) compared to using plain disk image files

> I think you should make the whole disk a zpool unto itself, and then carve 
> out the 128G zvol and 60G zvol.  For that matter, why are you carving out 
> multiple zvol's?  Does your Guest VM really want multiple virtual disks for 
> some reason?
> Side note:  Assuming you *really* just want a single guest to occupy the 
> whole disk and run as fast as possible...  If you want to snapshot your 
> guest, you should make the whole disk one zpool, and then carve out a zvol 
> which is significantly smaller than 50%, say perhaps 40% or 45% might do the 
> trick.

... or use sparse zvols, e.g. "zfs create -V 10G -s tank/vol1"

Of course, that's assuming you KNOW that you never max-out storage use
on that zvol. If you don't have control over that, then using smaller
zvol size is indeed preferable.

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