How can one remove a directory containing corrupt files or a corrupt file 
itself? For me rm just gives input/output error.


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> Unfortunately there aren't any snapshots.
> The version of zpool is 15. Is it safe to upgrade that?
> Is zpool clear -F supported or of any use here?

The only thing that will be of use to restore your data will be a backup.

To forget about the lost data and make the error message go away, simply rm the 
bad directory (and/or its parent).

You're probably wondering, you have redundancy and no faulted devices, so how 
could this happen?  There are a few possible explanations, but they're all 
going to have one thing in common:  At some point, something got corrupted 
before it was written corrupted and the redundant copy also written corrupted.  
It might be you had a CPU error, or some parity error in non-ECC ram, or a bus 
glitch or bad firmware in the HBA, for example.  The fact remains, something 
was written corrupted, and the redundant copy was also written corrupted.  All 
you can do is restore from a snapshot, restore from a backup, or accept it for 
what it is and make the error go away.

Sorry to hear it...

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