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> We have the need to encypt our data, approximately 30TB on three ZFS
> volumes under Solaris 10. The volumes currently reside on iscsi sans
> connected via 10Gb/s ethernet. We have tested Solaris 11 with ZFS encrypted
> volumes and found the performance to be very poor and have an open bug
> report with Oracle.
> We are a Linux shop and since performance is so poor and still no
> resolution, we are considering ZFS on Linux with dm-crypt.
> I have read once or twice that if we implemented ZFS + dm-crypt we would
> loose features, however which features are not specified.
> We currently mirror the volumes across identical iscsi sans with ZFS and
> we use hourly ZFS snapshots to update our DR site.
> Which features of ZFS are lost if we use dm-crypt? My guess would be they
> are related to raidz but unsure.

Why don't you just use a SAN that supports full drive encryption?  There
should be basically 0 performance overhead.

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