On 11/26/2012 12:54 PM, Grégory Giannoni wrote:
I switched few month ago from Sun X45x0 to HP things : My fast NAS are now DL 180 
G6. I got better perfs using LSI 9240-8I rather than HP SmartArray (tried P410 
& P812). I'm using only 600Gb SSD drives.
That LSI controllers supports SATA III, or 6Gbps SATA. The Px1x controllers do 6GB SAS, but only 3GB SATA, so that's your likely perf difference. The SmartArray Px2x series should do both SATA and SAS at 6Gbps.

That said, I do think you're right that the LSI controller is probably a better fit for connections requiring a SATA SSD. The only exception is having to give up the 1GB of NVRAM on the HP controller. :-(

In one of the servers I replaced the 25-disks bays by 3 8-disks bays, allowing 
me to connect 3 LSI 9240-8I rather than only one. This NAS achieved 
4.4GBytes/sec reading and 4.1GBytes/Sec writing with 480000 io/s, running 
Solaris 11. Using raidz-2, perfs dropped to 3.1 / 3.0 GB/sec

Is the bottleneck the LSI controller, or the SAS/SATA bus, or the PCI-E bus itself? That is, have you tested with LSI 9240-4i (one per 8-drive cage, which I *believe* can use the HP multi-lane cable), and with a LSI 9260-16i or LSI 9280-24i? My instinct would be to say it's the PCI-E bus, and you could probably get away with the 4-channel cards. i.e. 4-channels @ 6Gbit/s = 3 GBytes/s > 4x PCI-E 2.0 at 2GB/s

Also, the HP H220 is simply the OEM version of the LSI 9240-8i

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