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> I have a degraded mirror set and this is has happened a few times (not
> always the same drive) over the last two years. In the past I replaced the
> drive and and ran zpool replace and all was well. I am wondering, however,
> if it is safe to run zpool replace without replacing the drive to see if it
> is in fact failed. On traditional RAID systems I have had drives drop out
> of an array, but be perfectly fine. Adding them back to the array returned
> the drive to service and all was well. Does that approach work with ZFS? If
> not, is there another way to test the drive before making the decision to
> yank and replace?****
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I have two tidbits of useful information.

1) "zpool scrub mypoolname" will attempt to read all data on all disks in
the pool and verify against the checksum. If you suspect the disk is fine,
you can clear the errors, run a scrub, and check the "zpool status" to see
if there are read/checksum errors on the disk. If there are, I'd replace
the drive.

2) if you have an additional hard drive bay/cable/controller, you can do a
"zpool replace" on the offending drive without doing a "detach" first -
this may save you from the other drive failing during resilvering.

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