Say I have an ldoms guest that is using zfs root pool that is mirrored, and the two sides of the mirror are coming from two separate vds servers, that is

where c3d0s0 is served by one vds server, and c4d0s0 is served by another vds server.

Now if for some reason, this physical rig loses power, then how do I know which side of the mirror to boot off, ie which side is most recent.

As an example ( contrived now mind you )

I shutdown the IO server domain serving c3d0s0, I then copy a large file into my root pool ( goes to vds serving c4d0s0 ), then shut down the guest and the other service domain gracefully, then boot guest off c3d0s0 ( have restarted the service domain there ), the large file is obviously missing now.

Is there any way if the guest is stopped, that I can know which side of the mirror to boot off that was most recent?
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