On 11/29/12 10:56 AM, Jim Klimov wrote:
For example, I might want to have corporate webshop-related
databases and appservers to be the fastest storage citizens,
then some corporate CRM and email, then various lower priority
zones and VMs, and at the bottom of the list - backups.

AFAIK, now such requests would hit the ARC, then the disks if
needed - in no particular order. Well, can the order be made
"particular" with current ZFS architecture, i.e. by setting
some datasets to have a certain NICEness or another priority
Something like that is implemented in Joyent's Illumos-based distribution, Smartos. (Illumos is open source continuation of Opensolaris OS/Net as well as Solaris11 is closed one)
After them, it is implemented also in Openindiana/Illumos , possibly others.
List of Illumos based distributions: http://wiki.illumos.org/display/illumos/Distributions

It is using Solaris Zones and throttling their disk usage on that level,
so you separate workload processes on separate zones.
Or even put KVM machines under the zones (Joyent and OI support Joyent-written KVM/Intel implementation in Illumos) for the same reason of I/O throttling.

They (Joyent) say that their solution is made in not too much code, but gives very good results (they run massive cloud computing service, with many zones and KVM VM's so they might know).

I don't know it is available/applicable to (now) closed OS/Net of Solaris11 and Solaris10, because Joyent/Illumos have access to complete stack and are actively changing it to suit their needs, as good example of benefits of open source/free software stack. But maybe it is.

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