On 2012-12-05 23:11, Morris Hooten wrote:
Is there a documented way or suggestion on how to migrate data from VXFS
to ZFS?

Off the top of my head, I think this would go like any other migration -
create the new pool on new disks and use rsync for simplicity (if your
VxFS setup does not utilize extended attributes or anything similarly
special), or use Solaris tar or cpio of such attributes are used (IIRC
VxFS was a prime citizen in Solaris, so native tools - unlike GNU ones
and rsync - should support the intimate details).

Also note that if you have VxFS, then you likely come from a clustered
setup, which may be quite native and safe to VxFS. ZFS does not support
simultaneous pool-imports by several hosts, so you'd have to set up the
clusterware to make sure only one host controls the pool at any time.

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