Jim Klimov wrote:
I've had this error on my pool since over a year ago, when I
posted and asked about it. The general consent was that this
is only fixable by recreation of the pool, and that if things
don't die right away, the problem may be benign (i.e. in some
first blocks of MOS that are in practice written once and not
really used nor relied upon).

In detailed "zpool status" this error shows as:

By analogy to other errors in unnamed files, this was deemed to
be the MOS dataset, object number 0.

Unlike you, I haven't had to time or patience to dig deeper into this! The only times I have seen this error are in iSCSI pools when the target machine's pool became full, causing bizarre errors in the iSCSI client pools.

Once the underlying problem was fixed and the pools imported and exported, the error went away.

This might enable you to recreate the error for testing.

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