3112 and 3114 were very early SATA controllers before there were any SATA drivers, which pretend to be ATA controllers to the OS.
No one should be using these today.

sol wrote:
Oh I can run the disks off a SiliconImage 3114 but it's the marvell controller that I'm trying to get working. I'm sure it's the controller which is used in the Thumpers so it should surely work in solaris 11.1

    *From:* Bob Friesenhahn <bfrie...@simple.dallas.tx.us>

    If the SATA card you are using is a JBOD-style card (i.e. disks
    are portable to a different controller), are you able/willing to
    swap it for one that Solaris is known to support well?


Andrew Gabriel
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