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Great points Jim. I have requested more information how the gallery share is 
being used and any temporary data will
be moved out of there.
About atime, it is set to "on" right now and I've considered to turn it off but 
I wasn't sure if this will effect
incremental zfs send/receive.

'zfs send -i snapshot0 snapshot1' doesn't rely on the atime, right?

Zfs send does not care about atime. The access time is useless other than as a way to see how long it has been since a file was accessed.

For local access (not true for NFS), Zfs is lazy about updating atime on disk and so it may not be updated on disk until the next transaction group is written (e.g. up to 5 seconds) and so it does not represent much actual load. Without this behavior, the system could become unusable.

For NFS you should disable atime on the NFS client mounts.

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