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Just ignore the timestamp, as it seems that the time is not set correctly, but the dates match my two issues from today and thursday, which accounts for three days. I didn't catch that before, but it seems to clearly indicate a problem with the FC connection…

But, what do I make of this information?

I don't know, but the issue/problem seems to below the zfs level so you need to fix that lower level before worrying about zfs.

Did you check for messages in /var/adm/messages which might indicate when and how FC connectivity has been lost?
Well, this is the most scaring part to me. Neither fmdump nor dmesg showed anything that would indicate a connectivity issue - at least not the last time.

Weird. I wonder if multipathing is working for you at all. With my direct-connect setup, if a path is lost, then there is quite a lot of messaging to /var/adm/messages. I also see a lot of messaging related to multipathing when the system boots and first starts using the array. However, with the direct-connect setup, the HBA can report problems immediately if it sees a loss of signal. Your issues might be on the other side of the switch (on the storage array side) so the local HBA does not see the problem and timeouts are used. Make sure to check the logs in your storage array to see if it is encountering resets or flapping connectivity.

Do you have duplex switches so that there are fully-redundant paths, or is only one switch used?

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