Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

As SSD per-GB prices continue to drop at a healthy rate I've been thinking more 
and more about the benefit of creating pools out of SSDs rather than HDDs. My 
virtualization hosts seem to have at least a 2x dedup ratio, but I've been 
cautious on dedup due to the reports here of much more random I/O.

I'm wondering what experiences or input some might have already had in running 
SSD pools and if doing so might be a "magic pill" to make some zfs features 
such as dedup and/or wider vdev stripes mostly pain free?

My assumption is that the SSD pool could handle the higher random I/O 
requirement without really needing to worry so much about ARC or L2ARC 
requirements for dedup. Would this be true?

If I wanted a pool that spans multiple chassis, should I be concerned about 
elevated IOPS rate if I were using a handful of JBOD/SAS expanders each 
connected with an external 6gbit link?

Anything else I might be overlooking?

Any input would be appreciated!

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