On 02/11/2013 04:53 PM, Borja Marcos wrote:
> Hello,
> I'n updating Devilator, the performance data collector for Orca and FreeBSD 
> to include ZFS monitoring. So far I am graphing the ARC and L2ARC size, L2ARC 
> writes and reads, and several hit/misses data pairs.
> Any suggestions to improve it? What other variables can be interesting?
> An example of the current state of the program is here:
> http://devilator.frobula.com

Hi Borja,

I've got one thing up for review in Illumos for upstreaming: #3137 L2ARC
Compression. This adds another kstat called l2_asize, which tells you
how big the L2ARC actually is, taking into account compression, e.g.

# kstat -n arcstats 5 | egrep '(\<l2_size\>|\<l2_asize\>)'
        l2_asize                        25708032
        l2_size                         29117952

You can use this to track L2ARC compression efficiency, etc. If the
kstat is not present, then L2ARC compression isn't available.

Anyway, just a quick thought.

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