On 02/15/2013 03:39 PM, Tyler Walter wrote:
> As someone who has zero insider information and feels that there isn't
> much push at oracle to develop or release new zfs features, I have to
> assume it's not coming. The only way I see it becoming a reality is if
> someone in the illumos community decides to do the work required to
> put it in.

As for BP rewrite, Darren already noted, it is in a whole special class
of "hard to do".

As for the community involvement: we welcome everybody at Illumos. It's
of course impossible to do predictions of future feature progress, but
we have our own stuff in the works and unlike the opensolaris.org
website (don't know about the mailing lists), we won't plan on winding
down by the end of next month. If the fine people at Oracle keep a good
pace, it's possible you'll see a steady stream of improvements from them
as well (though I personally suspect that they'll hand you the
improvements in one hand and a hefty invoice in the other).

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