Anybody using maczfs / ZEVO?  Have good or bad things to say, in terms of 
reliability, performance, features?

My main reason for asking is this:  I have a mac, I use Time Machine, and I 
have VM's inside.  Time Machine, while great in general, has the limitation of 
being unable to intelligently identify changed bits inside a VM file.  So you 
have to exclude the VM from Time Machine, and you have to run backup software 
inside the VM.

I would greatly prefer, if it's reliable, to let the VM reside on ZFS and use 
zfs send to backup my guest VM's.

I am not looking to replace HFS+ as the primary filesystem of the mac; although 
that would be cool, there's often a reliability benefit to staying on the 
supported, beaten path, standard configuration.  But if ZFS can be used to hold 
the guest VM storage reliably, I would benefit from that.

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