On 2013-02-21 17:02, John D Groenveld wrote:
# zfs list -t vol
rpool/dump    4.00G  99.9G  4.00G  -
rpool/foo128  66.2M   100G    16K  -
rpool/swap    4.00G  99.9G  4.00G  -

# zfs destroy rpool/foo128
cannot destroy 'rpool/foo128': volume is busy

Can anything local be holding it (databases, virtualbox, etc)?
Can there be any clones, held snapshots or an ongoing "zfs send"?
(Perhaps an aborted "send" left a hold?)

Sometimes I have had a bug with a filesystem dataset becoming so "busy"
that I couldn't snapshot it. Unmounting and mounting it back usually
helped. This was back in the days of SXCE snv_117 and Solaris 10u8,
and the bug often popped up in conjunction with LiveUpgrade. I believe
this particular issue was solved since, but maybe something new like it
has appeared?..

Hopefully some on-list gurus might walk you through use of a debugger
or dtrace to track which calls are being made by "zfs destroy" and lead
it to conclude that the dataset is busy?.. I really only know to use
"truss -f -l progname params" which helps most of the time, and would
love to learn the modern equivalents which give more insights into code.


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