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> On 2013-02-26 21:30, Morris Hooten wrote:
>> Besides copying data from /dev/md/dsk/x volume manager filesystems to
>> new zfs filesystems
>> does anyone know of any zfs conversion tools to make the
>> conversion/migration from svm to zfs
>> easier?

> However, depending on your old system's configuration, you might have
> to be careful about choice of "copy" programs. Namely, if your setup
> used some ACLs (beyond standard POSIX access bits), then you'd need
> ACL-aware copying tools. Sun tar and cpio are some (see manpages about
> usage examples), rsync 3.0.10 was recently reported to support Solaris
> ACLs as well, but I didn't test that myself. GNU tar and cpio are known
> to do a poor job with intimate Solaris features, though they might be
> superior for some other tasks. Basic (Sun, not GNU) cp and mv should
> work correctly too.

Under Solaris 10 I found 'cp -pr' to be the both most reliable and fastest way 
to move data into, out of, and between ZFS datasets.

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