However, the zfs-discuss list seems to be archived at gmane.

On 2013-03-22 22:57, Cindy Swearingen wrote:
I hope to see everyone on the other side...


The ZFS discussion list is moving to

This opensolaris/zfs discussion will not be available after March 24.
There is no way to migrate the existing list to the new list.

The solaris-zfs project is here:

See the steps below to join the ZFS project or just the discussion list,
but you must create an account on to join the list.

Thanks, Cindy

1. Create an account on

2. When logged in to your account, join the solaris-zfs
project as an Observer by clicking the Join This Project link on the
left side of this page:

3. Subscribe to the zfs discussion mailing list here:
zfs-discuss mailing list

zfs-discuss mailing list

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