Hey, this is ilovezfs.

I think there may be some confusion here as to what each of these versions 
are. For example, you referenced the command:

sudo zpool create -O casesensitivity=insensitive -O normalization=formD -O 
ashift=12 POOLNAME mirror /dev/diskXsX /dev/diskXsX

which is not a command that would work on MacZFS 74.x.x.

MacZFS 74.3.x is the same as MacZFS 74.2.x, but simply upgraded to work 
with Mavericks.
MacZFS 74.2.x/74.3.x is pool version 8, zfs file system version 2.

My "zfsadm" script is not related to MacZFS 74. It is for the newer, 
OpenZFS based version of ZFS for OS X, which has been referred to variously 
as "ZFS-OSX," and "OSX-ZFS," "MacZFS 99," "MacZFS prototype generation," 
and "MacZFS experimental generation."  The GitHub repository 
https://github.com/zfs-osx has the code for this version.

https://github.com/zfs-osx (like every implementation of OpenZFS) is pool 
version 5000, file system version 5. For reference, ZEVO is pool version 
28, file system version 5. There is a comparison table here: 

If you want to use MacZFS 74, I suggest that you run the command

sudo nvram boot-args="keepsyms=y"

and reboot. Then you should install MacZFS 74.3.2b and reboot. If you get a 
kernel panic, post your panic report here. The panic reports are in 

In my opinion, using MacZFS 74.3.1 is not a good answer, given that it has 
been fully superseded by MacZFS 74.3.2b. If there is a kernel panic in 
74.3.2b that you have discovered, that must be dealt with not avoided. 
However, the kernel panic is likely attributable to a problem with your 
setup given that others are using 74.3.2b without a panic, in which case 
that problem in your setup needs to be resolved, not avoided.

If instead you want to use https://github.com/zfs-osx/zfs, then yes I'd 
recommend using https://gist.github.com/ilovezfs/7713854. A tutorial 
explaining one way it can be used is here: 

If you have questions, the IRC channel is #mac-zfs on freenode. Colloquy 
http://colloquy.info/ is a user-friendly client.

On Monday, February 17, 2014 4:37:24 PM UTC-8, Robert Rehnmark wrote:
> Thank you for your help.
> I'll see if I have to do it this way.
> I got my hands on the 74.3.1 and it installed and is running.
> Is there something about this version that I should know and or stay away 
> from?
> Again, thanks a lot.
> /Robert
> Den tisdagen den 18:e februari 2014 kl. 01:12:15 UTC+1 skrev jasonbelec:
>> Https://gist.github.com/ilovezfs/7713854
>> This is the script that should pull everything and build. Instructions 
>> are in the script for the script.
>> You will need a Developer folder in your Home directory, see script. You 
>> will need to chmod the script to run. Then sudo ./zfsadmin to run, and 
>> options like -l to load after build as per instructions in the script. You 
>> will need sudo to run commands like sudo zpool list. Until you make the 
>> install permanent. IRC is a great bunch of people working pretty much 
>> around the clock.
>> You can check the developer section of the MacZFS site for more info.
>> Oh, and your doing all this at your own risk. ;) Seriously. 
>> --
>> Jason Belec
>> Sent from my iPad
>> On Feb 17, 2014, at 6:38 PM, Robert Rehnmark <xca...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I got Mavericks up and running nicely but the 74.3.2b made it panic at 
>> boot.
>> So what do I install instead?
>> And how do I do that?
>> This ilovezfs, does he/she have this info and script on a webpage 
>> somewhere or can I only get it by contact through IIRC?
>> /Robert
>> Den måndagen den 17:e februari 2014 kl. 18:51:51 UTC+1 skrev jasonbelec:
>>> Well actually ilovezfs has a wonderful little script that does all the 
>>> magic for you and he seems quite happy to share on the IIRC chat room. It 
>>> helped me see several things I was doing wrong. From that script you can 
>>> then move the important files into the proper places and grant them 
>>> permission, same that the downloadable build does. All pretty easy and 
>>> repeatable on the command line.
>>> --
>>> Jason Belec
>>> Sent from my iPad
>>> On Feb 17, 2014, at 12:15 PM, Rob Freedomfighter <xca...@gmail.com> 
>>> wrote:
>>> Ok, is it hard to build it?
>>> Do I need knowledge in excess of just some simple terminal commands I 
>>> can copy and paste?
>>> Thanks for bearing with me.
>>> /Robert
>>>  -- 
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