Thank you so much for the help.
I really appreciate it.

Den tisdagen den 18:e februari 2014 kl. 02:18:42 UTC+1 skrev
> Hey, this is ilovezfs.
> I think there may be some confusion here as to what each of these versions 
> are. For example, you referenced the command:
> sudo zpool create -O casesensitivity=insensitive -O normalization=formD -O 
> ashift=12 POOLNAME mirror /dev/diskXsX /dev/diskXsX
> which is not a command that would work on MacZFS 74.x.x.
I realized this (duh!) and adjusted accordingly. :)


> MacZFS 74.3.x is the same as MacZFS 74.2.x, but simply upgraded to work 
> with Mavericks.
> MacZFS 74.2.x/74.3.x is pool version 8, zfs file system version 2.
> My "zfsadm" script is not related to MacZFS 74. It is for the newer, 
> OpenZFS based version of ZFS for OS X, which has been referred to variously 
> as "ZFS-OSX," and "OSX-ZFS," "MacZFS 99," "MacZFS prototype generation," 
> and "MacZFS experimental generation."  The GitHub repository 
> has the code for this version.
> (like every implementation of OpenZFS) is pool 
> version 5000, file system version 5. For reference, ZEVO is pool version 
> 28, file system version 5. There is a comparison table here: 

I understand that this might be hard or impossible to answer but:
Can I use your script to compile and install OpenZFS, maybe even mount the 
ZEVO pools… and expect it to be stable?
I would REALLY like to have features like case insensitivity and UTF8 
normalization. Also it would be nice if the mounted filesystems were 
actually visible in volumes. :)
So.. how far has it come?
Can I use it for my iPhoto, iTunes and general file storage?
Can it be scanned by Spotlight?

> If you want to use MacZFS 74, I suggest that you run the command
> sudo nvram boot-args="keepsyms=y"
> and reboot. Then you should install MacZFS 74.3.2b and reboot. If you get 
> a kernel panic, post your panic report here. The panic reports are in 
> /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports.
> In my opinion, using MacZFS 74.3.1 is not a good answer, given that it has 
> been fully superseded by MacZFS 74.3.2b. If there is a kernel panic in 
> 74.3.2b that you have discovered, that must be dealt with not avoided. 
> However, the kernel panic is likely attributable to a problem with your 
> setup given that others are using 74.3.2b without a panic, in which case 
> that problem in your setup needs to be resolved, not avoided.

Thank you, if OpenZFS is not an option for everyday use then I will go for 

> If instead you want to use, then yes I'd 
> recommend using A tutorial 
> explaining one way it can be used is here: 
> If you have questions, the IRC channel is #mac-zfs on freenode. Colloquy 
> is a user-friendly client.

Thank you!



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