> Should I use the slices or just the whole disk when creating a new pool or 
> attaching/adding disks?

Either is acceptable.

If you specify the whole disk (say disk3), ZFS will do the following:
1. create a GPT partition table for you
2. add two partitions (disk3s1 and disk3s9) with the correct partition 
types to that table
3. use disk3s1
4. mark the device as being "whole disk = 1"
5. enable the disk's write cache (don't think we're doing this yet).

If, instead, you specify just a partition (say disk3s2, created in Disk 
Utility.app), then ZFS will do the following:
1. not mess with your pre-existing partition table
2. not modify the partition type even if the type is wrong (e.g., HFS+), 
which you ought to fix yourself using the /usr/sbin/gpt command or using 
gdisk http://sourceforge.net/projects/gptfdisk/.
3. use whatever partition you specified (disk3s2)
4. mark the device as being "whole disk = 0"
5. not enable the disk's write cache.

It's worth mentioning that if you specify the whole disk (disk3), sudo 
zpool status will report that the vdev is using "disk3," but in reality it 
will be using disk3s1. You can see this is true by comparing the output of 
sudo zdb -l /dev/disk3s1 and sudo zdb -l /dev/disk3. If you specify a 
partition (disk3s2), sudo zpool status will report that the vdev is using 

I have another question though.
> Is it possible (and good practice) to turn off compression for a child 
> filesystem?
> It will probably just make it slower instead of faster when I'm storing 
> only pictures, highly compressed videos and mp3's on it, right?
> I have a hexa core Xeon X5680 running at 4,1 GHz so processing power is 
> not a problem though.

In the case of lz4 compression, you can just leave it on without any 
significant penalty.


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