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 Hi Rob,

Am 23.02.14 04:02, schrieb Rob Lewis:
> In the "You can't tell the players without a program" department:
> I'm an interested lurker and am confused about the relationships
> between all the various entities apparently involved in ZFS for
> Mac.
> Could someone please explain how they all fit together:

 There are a few implementations (see below) and different pool and FS
 versions, supported by various releases of these implementations.  For
 an overview of pool and FS version, please see

 For the different implementations, read on:

> MacZFS

 This is the stable branch.

 It originates in the abandoned port from Apple also known as "10a286"
 or "zfs-119" bits.  Apple originally planned to include ZFS in Snow
 Leopard Server but removed it (and any mention of the word ZFS) from
 its website and the product shortly before release.  Reasons
 officially unknown.

 MacZFS is meant for the everyday Mac user who wants a Mac like
 solution without rough edge.  Unfortunately we had a difficult time
 with the Mavericks adaption, but that is solved now.

 MacZFS' current release is MacZFS-74.3.3 and is maintained by me
 (Björn aka BjoKaSH).  It has a rather old pool and FS version (8 and 2)

 It is expected to be phased-out sometime this year, when ZFS-OSX
 reaches its first general public release.

> OpenZFS for Mac ZFS-OSX

 These two are the same.  ZFS-OSX is a new port to the Mac, independent
 of Apples old code.  It uses ZoL (ZFS on Linux) as its source and a
 few bits from FreeBSD and the old MacZFS.

 ZFS-OSX is the name of the principal source code repository and the
 GitHub project hosting its source.

 OpenZFS is a cross vendor / project initiative to unify the various
 ZFS implementations from all supported platforms (illumos, *BSD,
 Linux, Mac OSX, ...) and to coordinate new features and generally
 promote ZFS.  See http://open-zfs.org/wiki/Main_Page for details.

 ZFS-OSX is part of of this initiative.

 ZFS-OSX does not have installer releases meant for the general public
 so far, but these are expected later this year.  ZFS-OSX is maintained
 by Lundman, who is the principal developer and did the vast majority
 of work porting ZoL to Mac OSX.

 Both MacZFS and ZFS-OSX are run by the same people and as such not
 only cooperate but behind the scenes are a common effort to keep ZFS
 on Mac OSX a reality.


 ZEVO is or was a new implementation of ZFS for Mac OX based of the SUN
 and later illumos source code.  ZEVO was developed by a company called
 Tens Complement run by the former principal developer of ZFS at Apple.

 ZEVO was a modern but closed-source implementation for Leopard and
 Snow Leopard with an active (Beta-) User community disparate from the
 MacZFS community.

 ZEVO's development apparently stopped when TensComplement was bought by
 Greenbytes.  The current status and plans of ZEVO at Greenbytes is
 unknown to me.

> others?

 None I am aware of.

> With appreciation,

 You are welcome.  Guess we should update our Wiki to include a better
 explanations of the various implementations.

 @ Lundman: Feel free to comment on anything I missed, especially
   regarding the state of ZFS-OSX.

 @ Daniel: Maybe we should extend our FAQ or add an entire new page?

 Best regards


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