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> Well that's one point of view and choice.
> I'm sure those you refer to are far more knowledgeable than any other
> individuals.

It's unclear to me how what I said (or possibly how I said it) caused you
to reply in such a snarky way. I thought that my question was posed in a
reasonable tone and based on a reasoned argument by a specific ZFS related
community leader.

I, and certainly not cyberjock, made no claims that either he is "far more
knowledgeable than any other individuals." If I recall correctly, cyberjock
has specifically said that he has not looked at ZFS's source code. Rather,
what he has said is that his recommendations are based on "a month of 12
hour days reading forums, experimenting with a VM, and then later a test
platform." (And, presumably, his couple of years since then actively using

> I can only speak for myself. I have intentionally attempted to destroy
> data for years under ZFS, amazingly enough all data is always recoverable.
> I have intentionally stayed away from protected RAM to ensure data for
> clients is safe.

Great! Have you made your procedures public and repeatable so that others
can replicate and verify them or use them for future testing?

> So back to trolling. Let's be honest, if you were not trolling you would
> have started a new thread for people to discuss your views.

I did start a new thread. Why are you lying about me not having done so?



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