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> Why is this a zfs issue.

This is a ZFS issue because ZFS is advertised as being the most resilient
file system currently available; however, a community leader in the FreeNAS
forums (though, as pointed out by Daniel Becker, one without knowledge of
ZFS internals) has argued repeatedly and strongly, and in detail that this
robustness is severely compromised by using ZFS without ECC memory. Further
he argues that ZFS without ECC memory is more vulnerable than other file
systems to data corruption and that this corruption is likely to silently
cause complete and unrecoverable pool failure. This in turn, if true, is an
issue because ZFS is increasing being used on systems that either are not
using or can not use ECC memory.

Jason Belec has asserted that his testing shows that there is not an
increased chance of partial or complete loss of data when not using ECC

Daniel Becker has cogently argued that the scenario and logic in the
warning is incorrect and that it has not been shown that ZFS is in fact
more vulnerable than other file systems when ECC memory is not used.

While I am reassured by their responses, I would still like an
authoritative and preferably definitive answer as to whether or not ZFS is
in fact any more or less vulnerable than other file systems when ECC memory
is not used. So I'm going to ask my question on the Open ZFS developer's
list. (Since that's the only list they have.)



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