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> This is a ZFS issue because ZFS is advertised as being the most resilient
> file system currently available; however, a community leader in the FreeNAS
> forums (though, as pointed out by Daniel Becker, one without knowledge of
> ZFS internals) has argued repeatedly and strongly, and in detail that this
> robustness is severely compromised by using ZFS without ECC memory. Further

cyberjock is the biggest troll ever, not even the people actually
involved with FreeNAS (iX system) knows what to do with him. He does
spend an awful amount of time on the freenas forums helping others and
as such tolerate him on that basis..

Otherwise, he just someone doing nothing, with a lot of time on his
hand and spewing the same stuff over and over simply because he has
heard about it.

Back to the ECC topic; one core issue to ZFS is that it will
specifically write to the pool even when all you are doing is read, in
an attempt to correct any data found to have incorrect checksum.
So say you have corrupted memory, you read from the disk, zfs believes
the data is faulty (after all, the checksum will be incorrect due to
faulty RAM) and start to rewrite the data. That is one scenario where
ZFS will corrupt an otherwise healthy pool until its too late and all
your data is gone.
As such, ZFS is indeed more sensitive to bad RAM than other filesystem.

Having said that; find me *ONE* official source other than the FreeNAS
forum stating that ECC is a minimal requirements (and no a wiki
written by cyberjock doesn't count). Solaris never said so, FreeBSD
didn't either, nor Sun.

Bad RAM however has nothing to do with the occasional bit flip that
would be prevented using ECC RAM. The probability of a bit flip is
low, very low.

Back to the OP, I'm not sure why he felt he had to mentioned being
part of SunOS. ZFS was never part of sunos.



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