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Am 28.02.14 17:28, schrieb Daniel Jozsef:
> There has been no activity on that mailing list in about 3 months!
> I'd say this is an indication that MacZFS was dead dead dead, were
> it not for the apparently frequent check-ins to Github.

 As Lund already said, there is indeed a lot of development going on for
 the new MacZFS prototype, also known as ZFS-OSX.

 There is less work happening to the current stable MacZFS, which saw
 its last 74.3.3 release two weeks ago.  It is currently in maintenance
 & bug fix-only mode, due to the focus on the new prototype version.

> Can anyone enlighten me what exactly is happening to this list? Is
> there a new and better channel of comms for the dev community? Has
> it been abandoned? The drop from a regular stream of activity to
> ghost town mode in December seems rather abrupt.

 We have two mailing lists:


 The main list for all users to asks for help, discuss features, or
 chat about anything else related to ZFS on Mac.

 While you are right there was too much silents in recent days, I felt
 it more like a gradual decline that reached near-zero in January than
 an abrupt stop.

 Out of curiosity, I did a quick statistic:
 5 active topics in August 2013, 4 active topics in September, 9 in
 October, 5 in November, 7 in December 2013, 1 in January 2014, 10 in
 February.  Looks like we gain momentum again.


 The main development list, originally meant to discuss the new
 prototype version and coordinate development between those involved.
 Unfortunately, most contributors other than Lund left last summer, so
 MacZFS-devel is dead, at least until development returns to the more
 collaborative model it had in spring 2013.

 Currently, almost all communication regarding the new prototype MacZFS
 takes place in our IRC channel #mac-zfs at irc.freenode.net or
 Of course, IRC, being an interactive protocol and as such a volatile
 form of communication, is not a good replacement for a lively mailing
 list in my opinion, but it is probably your best bet at the moment.

 I would much love to see MacZFS-devel revived and more people return,
 but there is little I can do.

 Best regards


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