Yes its a given that we are slower that Zevo at this point.

I am disturbed to hear of your hangs. Perhaps you could be a bit more 
specific and let us know what build of zfs-osx you are running, on what 
hardware, and importantly whether the machine can be sshed into when it 
enters this hang state. The behavior you are describing sounds a little 
like a zfs deadlock. If this is the case the machine will degrade gradually 
to the point of un-usability. Before it dies completely we ask users to run 
"spindump" and report the results on the irc channel, or via github issue. 
These deadlocks can be unraveled and corrected in the code. It has been at 
least a couple of weeks since we saw such a deadlock. We take these issues 
seriously of course.

There is one other user reporting hangs when executing certain stress 
tests. However Lundman and I have not been able to reproduce to date. The 
user reporting these hangs has not been able to reproduce using the latest 
source code either. 

Simple usage such as what you describe (rebuilding a large iphoto library, 
not quite as large ~80 GB) is something I personally have done recently 
with no particular issues noted.

Please ensure that you have disabled spotlight for zfs-osx as this can 
cause problems (we don't support spotlight yet).


On Tuesday, 11 March 2014 05:41:53 UTC+11, ylluminate wrote:
> Yeah, I certainly wish it was just performance.  A hang such as this is 
> well beyond a performance issue at the moment.  I'm probably going to just 
> go back to using ZFS on FBSD to keep my backups and use software RAID on my 
> workstations until maczfs matures or Greenbytes get's its proverbial head 
> out of its rear end (which seems unlikely at this point).


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