*Finder *is one of them.

When I first migrated my Linux-created ZFS mirror pool over to ZEVO (after 
tearing down my NAS box, and housing my data in a pair of simple Firewire 
800 enclosures), I noticed that files that were there in the command line 
were missing in Finder. Sometimes Finder would flash a folder full of files 
upon opening, and then just make most of the icons (files) disappear.

These disappearing files were ones with native characters in their names. 
Since the pool was already created, I had no option of setting 
normalization at a ZFS level, so I just wrote a script to go through all 
the files and rename them to a FormD name. Finder suddenly started working 

On Monday, March 17, 2014 3:40:00 PM UTC-4, dch wrote:
> On 17. März 2014 at 19:17:23, Philip Robar (philip...@gmail.com<javascript:>) 
> wrote: 
> > I admit to being one whose eyes glaze over when the discussion turns to 
> > i18n/l10n. So why should I use formD normalization? 
> Because (as you point out ;-) poorly written software won’t work. 
> iTunes is one of them, sadly. 
> FWIW my work repos, git, vmware fusion stuff, etc are all std zfs, and it 
> works brilliantly when I shift between OSs. 
> <3 that zfs. 
> A+ 
> Dave 


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