On 19. März 2014 at 17:26:55, Daniel Jozsef (daniel.joz...@gmail.com) wrote:
> *Finder *is one of them.

aah yes, you’re right! I’ve found that some of these files were not accessible 
via terminal either in my case.

> When I first migrated my Linux-created ZFS mirror pool over to ZEVO (after
> tearing down my NAS box, and housing my data in a pair of simple Firewire
> 800 enclosures), I noticed that files that were there in the command line
> were missing in Finder. Sometimes Finder would flash a folder full of files
> upon opening, and then just make most of the icons (files) disappear.
> These disappearing files were ones with native characters in their names.
> Since the pool was already created, I had no option of setting
> normalization at a ZFS level, so I just wrote a script to go through all
> the files and rename them to a FormD name. Finder suddenly started working
> normally.

Can you elaborate on how you did that? BTW normalisation can be set at the 
dataset (zfs filesystem) level, not just the pool.

To fix mine, I exported the pool, booted a VM with raw disk access, in FreeBSD 
(mfsBSD actually), created new datasets and used rsync to copy them over. All 
was well after rebooting back to osx again.

Dave Cottlehuber
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