While copying data to my zfs pool, the system had a panic (presumably 
because a drive went offline) and I had to shut it down hard.

After rebooting, all drives were present again but the pool remains 
offline. # zpool status and # zpool history result in "no pools available", 
# zpool import poolname says "cannot import poolname, no such pool 
available", # zfs list" says "no datasets available". 

With # sudo zpool import -f poolname it seems to acknowledge the pool, 
saying "cannot import poolname: one or more devices is currently 
Of course, diskutil as well as apple's harddisk utility lists all devices.
The most interesting output was with # sudo zpool import -f: It shows:

pool: poolname
id: 13145162855206712193
state: FAULTED
status: One or more devices contains corrupted data.
action: The pool cannot be imported due to damaged devices or data.

poolname UNAVAIL insufficient replicas
raidz1 FAULTED corrupted data
disk1s2 FAULTED corrupted data
disk2s2 FAULTED corrupted data
disk3s2 FAULTED corrupted data
disk4s2 FAULTED corrupted data
disk5s2 FAULTED corrupted data
disk6s2 FAULTED corrupted data
disk7s2 FAULTED corrupted data

The drive went offline because of a loose cable connection. I had this some 
times before in the past 2-3 years, but the pool was always still there.

So, apparently, it's gone, or do I miss something? Any tips on how to get 
it back?

The pool sits in a G4 MDD running OSX 10.5.8. with maczfs 74.3. I created 
the pool as described on the getting started page:

# diskutil partitiondisk /dev/disk(x) GPTFormat ZFS %noformat% 100%
# sudo zpool_ashift create poolname raidz disk1s2 disk2s2 disk3s2 disk4s2 
disk5s2 disk6s2 disk7s2
(I used ashift value 11 as it was the fastest with my WD30EZRX drives.)

And yes, I do have a backup, but it's about 15 TB amount of data, so I'd 
prefer not to have to copy it over. Also, I'd like to know if I can 
actually bring this pool back.

Thanks for any advice,



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