As one who has gone through all kinds of permutations to 'corrupt' data under 
ZFS, I'm calling BS on the RAM as the culprit. As Bjoern mentioned it sounds 
like connector issues, something I've seen a lot. However depending how you set 
your pool up, your data may be difficult to access but most likely complete and 

It amazes me how willing people are to blame something definitively with so 
little knowledge of what's going on and determined that quoting some discussion 
out of context will justify the irrationality. 

These threads are kind of getting redundant, pointless and I think some of 
these individuals are best served by Drobo or similar technology. 

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> On Mar 31, 2014, at 5:55 PM, Daniel Becker <> wrote:
>> On Mar 31, 2014, at 2:23 PM, Eric Jaw <> wrote:
>> Doing a scrub is just obliterating my pool. 
> Is it? I don’t think so:
>>> scan: scrub in progress since Mon Mar 31 10:14:52 2014
>>>         1.83T scanned out of 2.43T at 75.2M/s, 2h17m to go
>>>         0 repaired, 75.55% done
> Note the “0 repaired.”
>> I'm also running ZFS on FreeBSD 10.0 (RELEASE) in VirtualBox on Windows 7 
>> Ultimate.
> Are the disks that the VM sees file-backed or passed-through raw disks?
>> Things seem to be pointing to non-ECC RAM causing checksum errors. It looks 
>> like I'll have to swap out my memory to ECC RAM if I want to continue this 
>> project, otherwise the data is pretty much hosed right now.
> Did you actually run a memory tester (e.g., memcheck86), or is this just 
> based on gut feeling? Lots of things can manifest as checksum errors. If you 
> import the pool read-only, do successive scrubs find errors in different 
> files (use “zpool status -v”) every time, or are they always in the same 
> files? The former would indeed point to some kind of memory corruption issue, 
> while in the latter case it’s much more likely that your on-disk data somehow 
> got corrupted.


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