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 Hi James,

Am 20.05.14 21:32, schrieb James Hoyt:
> So it sounds like I need to recreate my zpool ...
> "Logical Block Size" = 512 "Physical Block Size" = 4096
> So I should use the following command on my next zpool to help
> finder performance and make it compatible for 4k drives?
> zfs create -o normalization=formD atime=off murr ashift=12 (let me
> know if I have any errors in this)


 As said in my other mail an hour ago, "normalization" doesn't exist in
 the stable MacZFS version.  Also each option needs its own "-o" and
 ashift is a pool option, not a file system option.

 You do "zpool create -o ashift=12 -O atime=off murr _devices_ ..."

 Note the capital "-O" and the small letter "-o".

 And for subsequent file systems (datasets in ZFS language) you use

  "zfs create -o atime=off _pool_name/fs_name_"

 If you used the development version, then you would add a
 "-O normalization=formD" in the zpool command and a
 "-o normalization=formD" in the zfs command.

 Best regards


> As for the slowness in a VM, Mac file sharing would affect it
> because Windows 8 accesses the drives with Fusion by mounting 
> \\jamess-imac\Volumes\murr as the Z drive so it technically is a
> file share if that's what you mean. But it could also be because
> the slowness of not using a 4k compatible zpool is compounded with
> a virtual machine. (Could someone updated the getting started guide
> to have you create a 4k zpool by default?)
> Thanks for the advice on Songbird! I may try it if it can organize
> via masks and support custom ID3 fields. I saw it's discontinued
> though but it's still on SourceForge.
> I'm at work so can't give a better reply but I have a lot more to
> look into and read now =)
> - James
> On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 2:07 PM, 'Busty' via zfs-macos 
> <zfs-macos@googlegroups.com> wrote:
>> James,
>> I use my 15TB pool mainly for flac files too, so I thought I'd
>> throw in my two cents (even if some is not zfs related):
>> regarding iTunes recognizing flac: There is a quicktime component
>> that will enable flac in quicktime, iirc it also works in itunes,
>> at least you can get it too. But it will not play gapless, there
>> is an amount of silence between songs.
>> Another thing is called "TwistedFlac", which in a folder you can
>> specify shows all flac files as wave files. These can be imported
>> into iTunes, the downside is that the tags are not recognized.
>> Just in case that helps with your library. I use songbird, which
>> can about anything you want, but is not as stable as iTunes.
>> Regarding your files showing up very slow, I experience that when
>> I access my files on the pool from a remote machine which has to
>> do with AFP (Apple filesharing protocol), so I have set up a NFS
>> share. But you don'T writ eabout accessing the files from a a
>> remote machine, so this should not be your issue.
>> I kinda went the way you did. I had no knowledge of zfs but
>> really wanted the features for data safety. That was roughly 3-4
>> years ago. As I set up my pool (and my backup, by the way), I
>> came across all kinds of problems (drives vanishing, kernel
>> panics, slow file browsing, scripts to automate backups and
>> scrubs, you name it) which had to be solved, so I had a lot of
>> reading and googling to do. I kinda was fooled by the MacZFS
>> tutorial into thinking that this will be completely easy like
>> you describe.
>> These guys, in the front row Jason and Alex Blewitt and Bjoern
>> helped me a lot to get on the way (so thanks again guys)
>> Sebastian
>> On 20.05.14 20:28, James Hoyt wrote:
>>> Hi Bjorn thanks for your reply and thanks for your help Jason
>>> in all this. I've actually been in the IT industry for 12
>>> years, A+ certified, and currently pursuing my CCNA and MCSA so
>>> a technical setup didn't intimidate me. (granted servers are a
>>> new beast to me) I came across Mac ZFS while researching RAID
>>> options. As I'm getting new music in wav/flac daily from a
>>> number of sources, a manual backup system really wouldn't work
>>> for me as it's too hard to keep up. I tried once with a blu-ray
>>> writer and it was a nightmare.. plus I'm regularly categorizing
>>> music with MediaMonkey (why I have a virtual machine because
>>> it's Windows only... oh why won't iTunes support FLAC 
>>> natively!) so all the tracks are updated now and then. So I
>>> thought an offsite backup that's updated every few months along
>>> with a four-drive RAID setup with one drive for redundancy
>>> would be all that I would need.
>>> MacZFS.org is well put together and the tutorials isn't
>>> intimidating at all. Run a few terminal commands? I can do
>>> that. The depth of ZFS wasn't really covered nor did it really
>>> state that more research is needed (like if I need 4k setup..
>>> or whatever that is D:  ) So it's rather frustrating to just
>>> find out I moved all my data off my individual 2/1.5 TB drives
>>> to find out I did it wrong when I was careful, very careful, to
>>> follow the Getting Started guide and FAQ precisely.
>>> Bleh D:
>>> Jason, I apologize for coming out rough. I felt like I was
>>> being treated like a lazy moron, which I'm not. I've researched
>>> a variety of RAID solutions quite a bit and thought I was all
>>> setup for ZFS and just had to change some configurations to
>>> speed it up. I'm sure you weren't born with this knowledge and
>>> needed the help of others to guide you in the right direction.
>>> I was googling things like "slow zpool ZFS" and other similar
>>> terms but just couldn't find anything concrete (because my
>>> problem isn't concrete).
>>> I tried searching if my drives are 4k with no luck. I saw an
>>> article back from 2010 stating hard drives were planning to all
>>> be 4k in 2011... this leads me to believe that they are 4k
>>> since I purchased them new last year. Crap D: Is there a for
>>> sure way I can see if they are 4k? Could this be my performance
>>> issue or is it just because my directories have large amounts
>>> of folders/files in them?
>>> Again, sorry if I came out rude. This is all new technology to
>>> me and I'm doing my best to become familiar with it.

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