Oh yeah I'm sorry. I meant I'd upgrade to the latest dev version of MacZFS ^^

I think I'm confused between zfs create vs zpool create. If you want
to point me to any links, I'll read them up along with what exactly
Normalization is.



On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 4:21 PM, Bjoern Kahl <googlelo...@bjoern-kahl.de> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
>  Hi James,
> Am 20.05.14 21:32, schrieb James Hoyt:
>> So it sounds like I need to recreate my zpool ...
>> "Logical Block Size" = 512 "Physical Block Size" = 4096
>> So I should use the following command on my next zpool to help
>> finder performance and make it compatible for 4k drives?
>> zfs create -o normalization=formD atime=off murr ashift=12 (let me
>> know if I have any errors in this)
>  Almost.
>  As said in my other mail an hour ago, "normalization" doesn't exist in
>  the stable MacZFS version.  Also each option needs its own "-o" and
>  ashift is a pool option, not a file system option.
>  You do "zpool create -o ashift=12 -O atime=off murr _devices_ ..."
>  Note the capital "-O" and the small letter "-o".
>  And for subsequent file systems (datasets in ZFS language) you use
>   "zfs create -o atime=off _pool_name/fs_name_"
>  If you used the development version, then you would add a
>  "-O normalization=formD" in the zpool command and a
>  "-o normalization=formD" in the zfs command.
>  Best regards
>     Björn
>> As for the slowness in a VM, Mac file sharing would affect it
>> because Windows 8 accesses the drives with Fusion by mounting
>> \\jamess-imac\Volumes\murr as the Z drive so it technically is a
>> file share if that's what you mean. But it could also be because
>> the slowness of not using a 4k compatible zpool is compounded with
>> a virtual machine. (Could someone updated the getting started guide
>> to have you create a 4k zpool by default?)
>> Thanks for the advice on Songbird! I may try it if it can organize
>> via masks and support custom ID3 fields. I saw it's discontinued
>> though but it's still on SourceForge.
>> I'm at work so can't give a better reply but I have a lot more to
>> look into and read now =)
>> - James
>> On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 2:07 PM, 'Busty' via zfs-macos
>> <zfs-macos@googlegroups.com> wrote:
>>> James,
>>> I use my 15TB pool mainly for flac files too, so I thought I'd
>>> throw in my two cents (even if some is not zfs related):
>>> regarding iTunes recognizing flac: There is a quicktime component
>>> that will enable flac in quicktime, iirc it also works in itunes,
>>> at least you can get it too. But it will not play gapless, there
>>> is an amount of silence between songs.
>>> Another thing is called "TwistedFlac", which in a folder you can
>>> specify shows all flac files as wave files. These can be imported
>>> into iTunes, the downside is that the tags are not recognized.
>>> Just in case that helps with your library. I use songbird, which
>>> can about anything you want, but is not as stable as iTunes.
>>> Regarding your files showing up very slow, I experience that when
>>> I access my files on the pool from a remote machine which has to
>>> do with AFP (Apple filesharing protocol), so I have set up a NFS
>>> share. But you don'T writ eabout accessing the files from a a
>>> remote machine, so this should not be your issue.
>>> I kinda went the way you did. I had no knowledge of zfs but
>>> really wanted the features for data safety. That was roughly 3-4
>>> years ago. As I set up my pool (and my backup, by the way), I
>>> came across all kinds of problems (drives vanishing, kernel
>>> panics, slow file browsing, scripts to automate backups and
>>> scrubs, you name it) which had to be solved, so I had a lot of
>>> reading and googling to do. I kinda was fooled by the MacZFS
>>> tutorial into thinking that this will be completely easy like
>>> you describe.
>>> These guys, in the front row Jason and Alex Blewitt and Bjoern
>>> helped me a lot to get on the way (so thanks again guys)
>>> Sebastian
>>> On 20.05.14 20:28, James Hoyt wrote:
>>>> Hi Bjorn thanks for your reply and thanks for your help Jason
>>>> in all this. I've actually been in the IT industry for 12
>>>> years, A+ certified, and currently pursuing my CCNA and MCSA so
>>>> a technical setup didn't intimidate me. (granted servers are a
>>>> new beast to me) I came across Mac ZFS while researching RAID
>>>> options. As I'm getting new music in wav/flac daily from a
>>>> number of sources, a manual backup system really wouldn't work
>>>> for me as it's too hard to keep up. I tried once with a blu-ray
>>>> writer and it was a nightmare.. plus I'm regularly categorizing
>>>> music with MediaMonkey (why I have a virtual machine because
>>>> it's Windows only... oh why won't iTunes support FLAC
>>>> natively!) so all the tracks are updated now and then. So I
>>>> thought an offsite backup that's updated every few months along
>>>> with a four-drive RAID setup with one drive for redundancy
>>>> would be all that I would need.
>>>> MacZFS.org is well put together and the tutorials isn't
>>>> intimidating at all. Run a few terminal commands? I can do
>>>> that. The depth of ZFS wasn't really covered nor did it really
>>>> state that more research is needed (like if I need 4k setup..
>>>> or whatever that is D:  ) So it's rather frustrating to just
>>>> find out I moved all my data off my individual 2/1.5 TB drives
>>>> to find out I did it wrong when I was careful, very careful, to
>>>> follow the Getting Started guide and FAQ precisely.
>>>> Bleh D:
>>>> Jason, I apologize for coming out rough. I felt like I was
>>>> being treated like a lazy moron, which I'm not. I've researched
>>>> a variety of RAID solutions quite a bit and thought I was all
>>>> setup for ZFS and just had to change some configurations to
>>>> speed it up. I'm sure you weren't born with this knowledge and
>>>> needed the help of others to guide you in the right direction.
>>>> I was googling things like "slow zpool ZFS" and other similar
>>>> terms but just couldn't find anything concrete (because my
>>>> problem isn't concrete).
>>>> I tried searching if my drives are 4k with no luck. I saw an
>>>> article back from 2010 stating hard drives were planning to all
>>>> be 4k in 2011... this leads me to believe that they are 4k
>>>> since I purchased them new last year. Crap D: Is there a for
>>>> sure way I can see if they are 4k? Could this be my performance
>>>> issue or is it just because my directories have large amounts
>>>> of folders/files in them?
>>>> Again, sorry if I came out rude. This is all new technology to
>>>> me and I'm doing my best to become familiar with it.
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