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> Subject: Re: [zfs-macos] RAIDZ1 running slow =(
>> Thanks for the detailed reply.
>> The slow performance is only when I'm using the RAID array so I
>> assume

 [ ... ]

>> I started navigating around my computer again, and the slowdown
>> seems to be when going into folders with over 1000 files (for
>> anything more it will take 1-3 minutes to just list the files in
>> the directory). Also when I'm saving images from Firefox (no
>> virtual machine running) it takes awhile to navigate the folder
>> structure and sometimes not all the folders show, but they do in
>> the Finder. So I wonder if this is an issue with programs not
>> getting along with ZFS but the finder being fine with it.
> I use a specific format for Finder-friendliness:
> zfs create -o normalization=formD atime=off <name>

 atime=off is a very good idea, and can be set and unset at any time.

 The normalization flag is not available in the stable MacZFS, it is
 only in the new betas.  It defaults to "binary" in the stable MacZFS,
 which is not a valid setting in newer versions.  It basically means
 "Don't touch the encoding, store it as-is".

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