Normalization is not available in file system version 2.

There is no issue with creating pool version 8 on ZFS on Linux:

As for creating a pool that can use "all features supported by 
those solutions," that is impossible because maintaining compatibility with 
MacZFS will strictly limit you to the feature set of MacZFS, which has only 
the features of pool version 8 and file system version 2. There is no way 
to have your cake and eat it too because ZFS does not have "forward 

On Saturday, July 5, 2014 9:49:56 PM UTC-7, S P Arif Sahari Wibowo wrote:
> On 2014-07-05, 21:38, <javascript:> wrote: 
> > MacZFS supports up to pool version 8. 
> Ok, so I guess I need to submit my question anyway. 
> Yes, I did read MacZFS is based on zpool version 8. However it 
> does support UTF normalization, right? 
> I am trying to format a drive with ZFS to be used both in Linux 
> and OS X. While there is OpenZFS on OS X, I would like the drive 
> to be usable by MacZFS as well. The problem is, when I try to 
> create zpool version 8 using ZFS on Linux, it then said that 
> normalization is not supported in this zpool. 
> So I guess the real issue here: how to create a zpool that will 
> be the most usable between MacZFS, OpenZFS on OS X, ZFS on 
> Linux, and ZFS-fuse, using all features supported by those 
> solutions? 
> Thank you. 
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