On Monday, 7 July 2014 22:38:33 UTC+1, Bjoern Kahl wrote:

… MacZFS 74.x.x … is supposed to default to formD, i.e. deliver "the right 
> thing" on 
>  Mac OS X.  Creating filenames with "strange" characters like the "ö" in 
>  my (correct) name in Finder should simply work. …

Please, take a Terminal view of names of files that were created using 
Finder. For names that included characters such as *é* or *ö*, in Finder: 
is everything as expected when listed in Terminal? 

A highlight from the discussion linked from MacZFS issue 53: 

Je viens justement de désinstaller la mort dans l'âme la version pourtant 
> dite stable de MacZFS suite au constat d'un bug grave de disparition 
> aléatoire de fichiers dont le nom contient des accents, non résolu depuis 3 
> ans et classé comme "low priority" par l'équipe...


Also, amongst the answers to frequently asked questions: 

… Beware of filenames containing non-ASCII characters. Any such filename 
> needs to be encoded in utf-8 with MacOS's peculiar normalization, or you 
> won't be able to access the file on MacOS, not even to delete it. …


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